Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1. What is Bitcoin?

In non-technical language,Bitcoin is a digital  currency in which  transactions can
be  performed without the  need for a  credit  card or central bank. It's  designed
enable users to send  money over the Internet in a very simple and efficient way.

  • 2. Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin wallet is same like your actual wallet where you are collecting money and
use  them  while traveling in market. But in bitcoin because its not printed money
your wallet is also not physical one , its a software which you can either install or
use by some providers. There are  some Mobile  wallets  too which i listed below.
Some of good and reliable bitcoin wallet providers online are :-

 Online / Desktop Wallets :-

  1. Coinbase [BEST FOR BEGINNERS]
  2. Cryptonator [LOWEST FEES]
  • 3. How to Earn Bitcoin?

There are many ways to earn bitcoin. Some are free ways and some are paid. I am
telling you  the  free one  so that  you  will not loose anything.Free ways are many :

  1. Bitcoin Faucets :- This kind of  services are paying little amount of bitcoin
        for visiting there sites  and  filling 1-2  captchas, in return they will give you
        some amount of bitcoins. And they are earning  through advertisements on
        there sites.
  2. Paid to Click : This kind of services are paying bitcoin in return of paying
        advertisers ads  and  watch  those ads for  some time like 10-30 seconds.
        After a certain amount of  bitcoin  collection you can withdraw that amount
        to your bitcoin wallet.
  3. Paid to Surf : These kind of services are traffic exchange services which
        pays  fractions  of  bitcoin for surfing  websites on there site and in return
        earn bitcoin.
  • 4. How i Earn Bitcoin Using Faucets?

It's  Quite  Easy ,  You  just  need  your  Bitcoin  address  to  get  bitcoin  from  Faucets.
Open Any Faucets From Our Faucet List, Enter Your Bitcoin address And Solve Captcha.
Bingo you just earned some Bitcoin. You get your Satoshi into your Faucethub or Epay.

  • 5. How i Get Bitcoin In My Wallet?

You get your Bitcoin in your wallet via MicroPayment Like Faucethub, Epay Etc.
Or You get it Directly When you Reach Min Thresold.

Faucethub Review:

Faucethub is a Middle-Micro as well as GPT for bitcoin earning. You Get Paid
From Faucethub When You Collect Min 20,000 Satoshi.

Faucethub also contains Offerwalls :- PTCWall , Peanut Labs, OfferDaddy etc
they are also good source for making free bitcoin.

CON : The only con so far i found is that , registration is required to use there faucets.

How many coins Supported ? So far they are supporting 3 coins : Bitcoin , Litecoin and Dogecoin.
And there is List of faucets for all those coins.

Before using any FaucetHub faucets all you have to make signup on there site : Click to Signup On FaucetHub